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While all of Our RVs are well built, they sometimes require a quick check, a little adjustment, or a simple repair. That is what our Service Department is here for!

Check out the “maintenance tips” section of our E-News for a reminder of your unit’s servicing needs. Please don’t let this list discourage you, at Ferguson RV World it is our commitment to relieve you of your technical difficulties from the simplest to the most complicated of tasks.

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Rainwater leaks are one of the most frustrating problems for RV dealers, RV Service Centres and Owners.

These leaks are responsible for owner discomfort, unsightly stains, foul odours and countless millions of dollars in damage annually. The problem has been not in repair of a known leak source, but in locating that source for repair.

The Sealtech rain leak detection system meets the industry's need for a cost-effective, reliable method of locating outer skin faults for subsequent repair.

The Sealtech system makes use of a very simple fact: air flowing through an opening covered with a soapy water solution produces a bubble precisely at the opening. The system draws outside air into the RV via the roof vent, where it is dispersed, creating a positive interior pressure. This pressure difference causes air to flow outward through any outer skin faults. The application of a soapy water solution to suspicious areas of the outer skin results in a very visible bubble exactly over each fault.

The Sealtech system enables technicians to accurately pinpoint the location of the leak. Technicians can find leaks while they are still small and before they have caused damage to the RV.

This process should be completed annually. Cost for a check and report is $425.50

Preventative Maintenance for RVs


Your RV is a house on wheels. Like any house, it occasionally needs maintenance. It's easy to forget, unless you live in your RV full-time. But whether or not you're using it, a little attention is necessary to ensure your RV stays in perfect working order.

Not using your RV for a long period? Fully charge the batteries, pull them out, and store them in a cool, dry place. It will prevent them from draining and losing their charging capacity.

For more suggestions, refer to the helpful service checklist. And remember, while you can do many of these things yourself, we're always glad to do them for you.